• 8/20/18

    R&J #377 – Naked Butler


    With Joe busy doing Ravens Pre-Game, Katie takes a seat at the mic for the entire show. Rob is so exhausted he’s tired of being funny. Katie discusses her pending bachelorette party and Joe is apparently not happy about the plans. There is a new tenant in Katie’s house in a lucrative occupation. Robby is a reluctant good Samaritan in a Ruby Tuesday men’s room. Joe and Katie find National Clear the Shelters Day to be a big waste of time. Rob teaches a valuable lesson in storytelling. David Koechner is harassed by a fan who doesn’t care about his numerous TV projects. Katie finds herself attracted to yet another old man. Rob looks for permission to say one black guy resembles another. Joe appears at the end of the show to talk about, and defend, his enthusiasm for Joe Flacco and the Ravens on the pre-game show.

    Aired Live Monday, August 20th at 7:30PM


    #376 – Stinker


    Joe is in an elite class when it comes to playing Quiplash. Erik risks his life for the sake of a laugh at the most recent Die Laughing show. Robby’s contributions to the murder mystery are under scrutiny this week and he takes his lumps. Rob talks about his two shows on Sunday with Kevin Nealon and Robby gets criticized again. There’s a Gramps story hot off the presses from earlier the same day. Rob, going against his own usual instincts, concocts a surprising idea for an upcoming episode. Joe continues to have problems adopting a dog, but the biggest headache seems to be Robby. Katie returns to dish on the ladies at circuit training boot camp and tell how “Apes” diverted her attention from the X-rated sites. Joe lists the words he wasn’t allowed to say as a kid.

    Aired Live Monday, August 13th at 7:30PM


    R&J #375 – A Thousand Richards


    The chat room regulars have idea to make the Atlantic City trip more appealing to Robby. On a 6-hour flight returning from the West coast, Rob gets seated next to a newborn. Joe experiences the frustration many people feel trying to adopt a rescue animal. A man he meets in a club completely misses the point of Rob’s time machine hypothetical. Rob and David Koechner get an invitation that proves to be far less than what was promised. Joe takes a spill, hurts his pride and loses blood. Katie is momentarily believed to be dead, but escapes the grave and joins the show again to reveal more about herself than she intended.

    Aired Live Monday, August 6th at 7:30PM


    R&J #373 – Reviews that Amuse


    The latest in the Gramps series involves a young woman seeking a job. Now that high-profile comedy work is coming consistently and easily for Rob, Joe wants to know if he is bitter that it took so long. Katie needs assistance promoting a friend’s business, but makes a critical error in choosing whom she solicits for help. Rob runs a new murder mystery idea by Joe and Robby and an impromptu creative meeting results. Robby is thrown a lifeline by someone close to the show who might just save him from going to Atlantic City. There’s more controversy brewing around Marcus and his show on the network. Rob and Joe seek to identify the best known songs with little success.

    Aired Monday, July 30th at 7:30PM


    R&J #372 – Stop Thinking About Tomorrow


    The show celebrates another anniversary and Rob wonders if its improved since episode one. The murder mystery gets off to a rough start in Vienna, and Rob and Joe talk to the man responsible. Joe electrocutes himself and seems to want to blame Robby. When Rob praises one of his Tweets, Joe doesn’t like the tone of the comment. While Rob and David Koechner are generating good ideas and goodwill in the clubs, other comedians are being demanding and difficult. One of Robby’s arbitrary sound bites is received with anger rather than laughter. This causes Rob to recall something else Robby did this week just to solicit a reaction. Rob discloses the itinerary for Joe’s bachelor party and immediately one person is already irritated about the destination. Joe receives a weird email from a person purporting to be associated with his son’s school.

    Aired Live Monday, July 23rd at 7:30PM


    R&J #370 – Reggie


    Rob has an eventful trip to Syracuse doing the murder mystery and stand-up, but his navigation app takes him on a treacherous route during the return trip. The personnel at 98 Rock learn about changes happening at the station from Rob. Over the 4th of July vacation, Joe gets ejected from the Holiday Inn guest pool area. Joe loves his coffee, but his number of cups per day is nothing compared to Gramps. Katie and Joe are getting serious about losing weight before the wedding. The awkwardness of being around the ex-in-laws and former wife’s new boyfriend is handled expertly by Joe when he attends his son’s graduation party. Robby’s girlfriend suffered from severe jet lag while at the beach, and Rob and Joe are concerned that this affected his sex life. Joe decides to call Katie to the mic to discuss how they initiate their own encounters.

    Aired Live Monday, July 9th at 7:30PM


    R&J #368 – The Trust Tree


    Rob and Joe cover the afternoon drive on 98 Rock. Marcus’s comments on the show incur the wrath of TMOS. Robby didn’t get the memo about a potential conflict someone had with the normal start time. Speaking at Joe’s wedding reception is weighing heavily on Rob’s mind and he wonders if someone of the opposite sex might do a better job. Joe talks about daring a friend to agitate another concert-goer at a show over the weekend. Rob shares his experience at a recent Dr. Gil standup show. When Robby’s “mean streak” gets mentioned, a slew of prank phone call stories emerge. Rob learns how useful the Grindr app can be on a cruise ship.

    Aired Live Monday, June 25th at 7:30PM


    R&J #367 – Big Daddy


    Rob and Joe both procrastinate on their yard work. The future father-in-law makes his first show appearance to discuss his difficulty with the rising temperatures and how Joe should address him. At the Caps victory parade, Rob joins Die Laughing cohort Erik Woodworth. His antics both on and off the stage are detailed. Rob gets reacquainted with a comedy groupie when he returns to Cleveland for a show. Joe takes Katie to task concerning her belittling of his US Open pool golfer picks. Joe makes an observation about a trend in the behavior of Gramps as he gets older. Rob has questions about his duties as best man. Rob’s MoviePass expires without once being used. A new dog (or two) may be in Joe’s future, but he must contend with Robby’s strong opinions on this topic.

    Aired Live Monday, June 18th at 7:30PM