• 1/19/17

    R&J # 280 – Want S’more?


    Joe goes and visits the wolves. Joe also share a story about a dick and s’mores. Robby is King of The Bachelor, but some have guessed he was a queen. Joe sends a text to the wrong person and butt dials too early in the morning. Rob runs into Louis CK. The boys share Celebrity Apprentice “taglines”.


    R&J #279 – Comedy To The Death


    Dan Nainan… comedian, huckster, and ass. His story in Forbes blows up in his face. Rob and Joe get interviewed to discuss it in the Daily Beast. There could be a fight to the death with Joe Robinson. Joe reviews a book on comedy written by Dan Nainan. It’s a good read, and makes good kindling. Scott Apple gives the worst Xmas present. Gramps photo… Wow, just wow.


    R&J #278 – Gramps is The Instigator!


    Rob’s jokes aren’t funny. Rob gets some backlash from the gift he gave Joe. Joe’s last Raven’s postgame on 98 Rock for the season could have used Rob. Die Laughing Productions does a show in Albany where Rob discovers a job he may not be good at. Dan Nainan scams the press. Robby isn’t here and it may show.


    R&J #277 – Bunn Son


    The year is almost over, but the 2016 celebrity death toll is still rising. One of Joe’s sons is now collecting vinyl, and he gets more than probably wanted from his Uncle Robby for Christmas. Meanwhile Joe is inundated with wolf gifts and Rob thinks he should gain more wolf knowledge. The former show announcer has his own ideas about being a Redskins fan and what it means to have a successful night at poker. The Christmas gift exchange items are revealed on the air. Rob and Tawanda decided it was too much trouble to go to Gramps’ house and do it in person like everyone else. Joe’s gift from Rob is meant to be a gag, but it seems as though it will be the one that keeps on giving. Gramps lends his poetry and announcing talents to the show. Joe boasts about his appearance with Rob on Friday’s 98 Rock morning show. Rob announces how listeners can participate in the show’s Bachelor fantasy league.

    Aired Live Monday, December 26th at 7:30PM


    R&J #275 – Driving Miss JoJo


    When Rob describes losing power for five hours before show time, we learn just how inept he is around the house. After considering how much more important his cell phone is when he was without electricity, the conversation turns to technology and comparing Gramps’ grasp of it to that of the Amish. Joe is looking forward to the day when humans don’t have to drive their own cars anymore, or a least the day he’s wealthy enough for someone else to do it. Joe attends a celebrity-filled party where he speculates about his fame ranking among the guests. Once again, he may also have offended someone. The popularity of Bachelor fantasy leagues is really growing. Rob and Joe perform at an office holiday party for good money, then can’t help but gossip about the employees on the show. Joe has a good experience playing a new game on the post-game show, but when he dared to play again off the air there were grave consequences. Robby is preparing for another houseguest coming from overseas, this time for an extended visit.

    Aired Live Monday, December 19th at 7:30PM


    R&J #274 – My Black Friend, Phil.


    Phil…. Phil Connors? Robby makes a big reveal just before the show. The Murder Mystery goes awry including a special guest who made everyone uncomfortable. rob and Joe will be providing a new “Bonus” show for patrons of the show. Joe shares his favorite musicals. Gramps brought a gun to a knife fight. There is speculation about the bachlorette selection for Rob and Joe. TOMO might not be happy with Marcus.


    R&J #273 – Eat My Squirrel!


    Rob, Joe, or Robby… Who survives longest in the wild? It was Joe’s birthday. Who will live longer, Joe or Robby? Hear about how Robby is dealing with bring 50 after his near suicidal thoughts on last week’s show. Learn how to behave at Medieval Times. Scott Apple is the Scott Apple-est. Santa sang about abortion at the recent Murder Mystery. Eric Woodworth is trouble. Hear some audition tapes for the Baltimore Ravens Post-game show on 98 Rock!


    R&J #272 – Turning 50. Ouch!


    Robby has a big birthday. He also delivers his will on Thanksgiving. Do you think he is handling this birthday well? Hear more stories from Thanksgiving including Rob’s extended family at the new house. Secret Santas are revealed. The market for stuttering comedians is wide open. Which comedian is worthy of filling in on the 98 Rock Ravens Post-Game Show? This and so much more. Remember, you can listen to the show live every Monday night at 7:30p EST at live.robandjoeshow.com.