• 4/16/18

    R&J #357 – No Sense


    The first perfect Spring weather arrived over the weekend, but Robby was inside binging on Amazon Originals programming. A new Gramps story leads to speculation about his demise. Joe has remorse about last week’s examination of Rob’s new photos. Joe lectures about how to speak to the performers before a show following a few encounters prior to the most recent murder mystery. The show is a huge success in spite of this, an audience member not cooperating and Joe putting his foot in his mouth again. LaughFinder gets a huge guest, but Joe can’t help but try to burst Tommy’s bubble. Dr. Gil threatens to blow up Robby’s spot. Rob learns of a Tesla message board and infamous member posting on it. Scott Apple wants to be a part of NASA’s probe to the sun. Rob lands a lucrative gig performing for a convention center full of recovering drug addicts, but could not anticipate how truly disastrous the show would be. Joe and Katie ask their waitress a rhetorical question and get an answer that may or may not have been racist. Joe learns how to increase the font size on his phone, but then discovers that he doesn’t have permission to do that sort of thing.

    Aired Live Monday, April 16th at 7:30PM


    R&J #356 – Headshot


    Rob and Joe both just saw “A Quiet Place”, and one of them did not use their MoviePass. A visit to TMOS results in some studio envy. Man’s best friend must really put in the effort to win Rob’s affection. The controversial show promo is being discussed all over the MORE network. Marcus Certa’s new look is getting mixed reviews, but only before a person knows the reason behind it. Rob shares his new headshots and Joe can’t help expressing his disspointment with the results. Rob’s got a gig in Ocean City, but he won’t visit Old Time Photos. Rob speculates how Facebook might be improved by simply eliminating the “like”. Rob and Joe need some relief from the stress of the Murder Mystery shows.

    Aired Live Monday, April 9th at 7:30PM


    R&J #354 – Two Thumbs


    Rob is scheduled to do comedy in Florida again, and he seems confident that the gig won’t get canceled this time. Joe is annoyed at the lack of love his Twitter account is getting from the show’s account. Robby gets hammered for what he disclosed at the family’s Easter get-together. Someone close to Joe and Robby has a knack for exacerbating their already stressful situations. A new promo for TMOS gets sidelined, but it obviously isn’t Rob or Joe’s fault. His girlfriend would like to attend the JSS Morning Show Adult Prom, but Rob has a conflict that night so she needs a date. There is an update regarding the nascent Missed Connections podcast. Joe doubles-down on his opinion of Irish music after hearing what is touted as best the genre has to offer. Good friend Rory Scovel was in town doing standup and his career is apparently about to catch fire. Rob is strategizing for his new head shot photo shoot. Scott Apple might be a guest on another podcast and everyone puts their heads together to try and prevent a potential trainwreck.

    Aired Live Monday, April 2nd at 7:30PM


    R&J #353 – No Memory, No Mammary


    A mystery listener has posted a Craigslist ad aimed at Joe. For the annual Ocean City weekend, Joe makes the mistake of asking Tim for a ride to the beach. Rob feels he’s losing clout with the Die Laughing Productions crew. The movie Con Air is the topic when Rob joins the Quality Time podcast. Gramps sends a couple new stories, but Robby voices an objection to one of them. It is discovered that certain listeners really aren’t able follow the discussion. A fan of the show chastises Joe on Facebook. When Fox weatherman Vytas Reid says something really dumb, he reveals himself to be the kind of person that Rob and Joe really dislike. After hearing that a domain squatter has appropriated his brand, Chris Restivo is out for blood. Joe and Katie both have their identities stolen and law enforcement doesn’t really want to hear about it. Rob poses a question about the most surprising food to call one’s favorite. Rob and Joe address the controversy happening over on TMOS this week. The inclement weather was ultimately not a factor on the night a new murder mystery debuted, but the possibility had Rob and Joe on edge.

    Aired Live Monday, March 26th at 7:30PM


    R&J #352 – New Friend


    Techical problems result in a false start without Robby around to immediately address the issue. Even though Rob was away with his new Hollywood friends, and Robby refused to work sound, a murder mystery show somehow still came together. Joe celebrates his Irish roots on St. Patty’s Day. Erik Woodworth is working on his look. Joe demands to know why Rob won’t join the group for the annual guy’s trip. Everyone at UMBC is excited about the men’s basketball team, except one person close to Joe who lives on campus. When a photo of Joe’s new Five Plated shirt is shared on social media, the man behind the design must once again try to explain his nonsensical slogan. Rob runs interference to protect his superstar friend from a crazy fan. Rob is giving serious thought to how he can parlay his new A-list connections into the next level.

    Aired Live Monday, March 19th at 7:30PM


    R&J #351 – The Saddest Tennis Ball


    Rob reflects on his career and seriously considers his next big move. Joe meets a fan whom he convinces to join Patreon. Joe gets extremely uncomfortable when his friend and former landlord repeats his private joke to a stranger. Rob shows irresponsible handling of money when he pays to see Black Panther when he could have easily gone for free. Chris Restivo is called with an offer of sympathies about some recent tragedy in his life, and also to ask him about the status of Joe’s shirt delivery. Joe is stunned to learn some of the things that people don’t know. Rob thinks its about time that Joe updated his website. Rob and Joe debate the Mt. Rushmore of crackers and whether or not a Graham is qualified for inclusion. Rob talks about the recently unearthed OJ Simpson interview, and asks Robby to play his hypothetical game “If I did It”. Rob was on a series of successful theater shows with Tiffany Haddish and has built a very close relationship with the comedy superstar, but he still won’t have her as a guest on this show.

    Aired Live Monday, March 12th at 7:30PM


    R&J #349 – The Hungry Black Man


    Rob is having trouble negotiating stairs and his girlfriend can’t keep track of her wallet. Joe visits Chicago and has many adventures and food memories. Justin and Katie record their first podcast together. Following the Oscars there is some movie talk, and Rob has still not used his MoviePass. Rob is riding the coattails of yet another famous comic. Rob finally gets his new material to work, but without Joe’s advice. Joe receives a surprising compliment from a fan of the show.

    Aired Live Monday, March 5th at 7:30PM


    R&J #348 – The Show is Preposterous


    Rob is watching a lot of Netflix, including a reality show that made him cry. Gramps’ stories have been neglected lately and he wants to know why. Robby gets the show mixed up in politics. Katie’s family witnesses Joe’s knack for rubbing strangers the wrong way. The pain-in-the-ass woman from the Virginia Beach show continues to annoy Joe. Rob has one of his jokes analyzed. Joe’s girlfriend is launching a podcast that will likely surpass his own. The author of “How to Become a Full-Time Stand-up Comedian” finds himself the target of a well-known model. Rob still hasn’t used his Christmas gift from Joe. Rob and Joe argue about which film with a black lead is the most important. Robby makes a decision to attend a party based on complete misinformation.

    Aired Live Monday, February 26th at 7:30PM