• 2/17/20

    R&J #467 – Mistimed


    Rob feels that Presidents’ Day is perhaps the worst holiday, especially among the three-day weekends. Rob and Joe hang out at the neighborhood biker bar before the show. An understaffed comedy club had a major impact on two sold-out murder mystery shows, but among the cast the burden fell primarily on Rob. Some fun at an audience member’s expense causes real problems for one couple. Joe is indignant over some mints and people thinking dinner isn’t the best meal. Justin tries a new bit while doing stand-up that wasn’t necessarily well-received by the audience, but that will be discussed for years to come. Rob and Joe debate a hypothetical about a comedian who has just one killer joke. Joe went to a matinee of Wicked with his father-in-law and was very envious of the production values. Joe has an awkward moment in the tanning room at his gym. Rob caught-up with a certain comedienne at a gig who had some feedback on Gramps’ Facebook comments. Rob thinks J-L is sounding a bit crazy and Joe of course agrees.

    Recorded Monday, February 17th  at 5:00PM


    R&J #466 – Not the Man I Married


    His dog is overweight and now misbehaving, but only Joe is allowed to say so. While a rehearsal was happening for the murder mystery, Rob had a prior commitment and couldn’t be there to keep everyone on task. Joe has made a lot of plans for the next few weeks and he’s paranoid about catching whatever Katie has. Robby has a hypothetical question for Joe about his duties picking audience members to play roles. Katie has thoughts about the dating pool available to her after Joe’s passing. There may be an update about Restivo’s ban status, but Rob and Joe can never seem to get a straight answer out of him when he’s pressed on the air. Rob attempts to talk about the Best Picture winner while Joe interrogates Chris via text. Joe attends another party where the other guests are all much younger than him, and makes it his mission to not to be left standing alone. Rob is reminded of a interaction he once had with the girl who faked cancer from episode 191. Rob censored one of Gramps’ stories because he thought it might be too politically incorrect for the air.

    Aired Live Monday, February 10th  at 7:30PM


    R&J #465 – Hot Amish F#¢%


    Rob gets off to a rough start because Joe is correcting him and the chat is trolling him. This leads him to talk about a weird heckle he received over the weekend. Joe hears a comedian saying something very similar to comments he’s made on the show. Rob must sub for a comedy tour who undermined their own club dates. Joe wonders if Rob’s famous friend from Kansas City remembers their previous Super Bowl appearance. Rob and Joe have a new fan after last week’s show. While Joe eavesdrops on a conversation in a restaurant, Katie is stressed that he might blurt out his own thoughts about what the man is saying. On the heels of Sunday’s game, Rob and Joe talk about The Star-Spangled Banner and possible future half-time acts. When Robby points to a possible political statement from the show, Joe goes on a rant about social media. Tawanda celebrates a birthday and Gramps is all over it. Once again Joe, intending to do something nice for Katie, fails because he doesn’t know where he is. Joe has consented to participate in a live event for Erik’s podcast, but isn’t as agreeable on the movie he’s required to watch.

    Aired Live Monday, February 3rd  at 7:30PM


    R&J #463 – Mickey Monday


    Oki has released his first podcast all about his phone interview with everyone’s favorite phony millennial. Restivo was appreciative of Rob and Joe’s efforts to help him last week, so they follow-up with a Millstream staffer as well as Chris himself. A conversation about the quality of food at a gentlemen’s club follows. Rob and Joe ponder TMZ’s ability to always be first when it comes to celebrity tragedies. They also get into the social media reaction to the recent shocking news, the comedians who believe it’s a perfect time to make jokes and the relative magnitude of other celebrity deaths. Joe has found himself in a lot of arguments recently and he wonders if it has to do with his own temperment. A country club stand-up show featured the talents of some of the Die Laughing performers, but one comedian in particular stood out.

    Aired Live Monday, January 27th  at 7:30PM


    R&J #462 – Five and Below


    The Patreon premium show has a brand new subscriber whose patronage is puzzling. Joe’s dog is on a diet. Rob is aggravated by an audience member at the DC Improv who is offended at one of his joke, but on someone else’s behalf. Everyone who intended, or was involved in, the first Polar Bear Plunge Murder Mystery show walked away feeling like it was a huge success. A conversation about jumping to conclusions and making accusations follows. Rob recaps what’s happened so far with everyone’s Bachelor picks. A trick backfires on Rob when he tries to confuse Tawanda while two colleges with identical mascots compete. Joe may have given up on Instagram. Not knowing that Chris Restivo wanted the information kept private, Rob discusses something he heard from Erik Woodworth on the air. Rob and Joe call Erik to shed light on the gossip, and then make an additional call to see if they can help with the situation.

    Aired Live Tuesday, January 21st  at 6:30PM


    R&J #461 – Bad Mojo


    Joe has been very busy organizing the big charity murder mystery show and is very excited about the station personnel who he has arranged to play parts. Rob wants to know how Joe is handling the end of the Ravens’ season. Joe vents. A well-known little person comic is in some deep doo-doo. On Twitter, J-L Cauvin defends his Ricky Gervais comments reacting to Joe’s recent criticisms. Un-phased, Joe blasts him again over attacks from his resurrected podcast. Joe talks about his love for “teen movies” and Rob tries to understand what movies fit his definition. Rob longs to find the footage from his improvisation comedy sketch with Jaime Pressly.

    Aired Live Tuesday, January 14th  at 7:30PM


    R&J #459 – The Price is Right


    Erik Woodworth gets recognition for something completely unrelated to comedy and podcasting. Chris Restivo on the other hand is the only one congratulating himself, and it’s for accomplishing nothing. Rob and Joe brag about the upcoming murder mystery schedule and one show in particular. Rob and Joe put Robby on the spot to make his prediction for this season of The Bachelor. Joe shares some of his thoughts after catching up on the HBO drama ‘Succession’. Following Ricky Gervais’s hosting of The Golden Globes, Rob and Joe talk about his performance and the address some of the criticism. This leads to a discussion about film; including Will Ferrell’s career and Home Alone. Joe has a new local hangout where he meets a lot of interesting people. Rob attempts to determine an action movie Mt. Rushmore with a lot of weird qualifiers. Rob and Joe eulogize a local legend.

    Aired Live Monday, January 6th  at 7:30PM


    R&J #458 – Two Turds


    Joe bemoans his day job and turning 50 this decade. Rob and Joe have a disagreement about the frequency of mothers murdering their kids. This leads to a debate about the percentage of people who believe in some popular conspiracies. Discussing major personal life events of the decade, Joe reminisces about his days of doing stand-up. Rob and Joe try to determine the television show, movie, sports highlight and scandal of the decade. Joe shares and uncomfortable moment from an afternoon drive radio segment taking calls. Joe chronicles his predictions for the Ravens and Lamar Jackson. Rob and Joe swaps stories about the holidays and the gifts they received. While Joe is making strides attaining an NFL player best friend, he did take one step backward.

    Recorded Monday, December 30th  at 7:00PM