R&J #501 – I Don’t Wanna Be Sedated

In Blogs, The DLP Agenda by Robby

Other podcasts are clamoring to piggy-back onto Rob and Joe by becoming the next Gramps story sponsor. Die Laughing returns to the stage with a brand new murder mystery following a 7-month involuntary hiatus. Joe has not planned properly for his colonoscopy and Katie is annoyed by his lack of preparedness. Rob and Joe get notes from the station GM on their first Purple Power Hour. Someone was very upset by Mac’s Power Rankings and let Rob and Joe know it. An NFL disagreement reemerges spontaneously and Joe recalls details from the 1980 season and Gramps favorite team.  He also remembers a very creative way his father acquired some building materials and fabricated furniture for their home. Joe talks about fast food and highlights a sandwich at a popular chain he visited with Gramps over recently.

Aired Live Monday, September 21st at 5:30PM