R&J #496 – Pop Star

In Blogs, The DLP Agenda by Robby

The Woodworth brother’s are prolific musicians, but Joe feels one of them consistently falls short. Joe also admits that he’s gotten way behind on listening to their podcast Quality Time. Rob and Joe participated in a 98 Rock morning show “happy hour” Zoom call, and while they were pleased with the final product apparently not everyone was. A contingent of DLP representatives travels to Mahoning Township in Pennsylvania for a drive inn movie and the adventure of a lifetime. Erik debuts the single from his upcoming album as promised three weeks ago when Gramps provided his voice for the song live on the show. Joe is not a fan of pranks where the perpetrator is not around to see the result. The likelihood has decreased dramatically that the murder mystery scheduled in just two weeks will actually happen now, and Rob and Joe express their outrage.

Aired Live Monday, August 24th at 6:30PM