R&J #495 – A Nine-Year-Old at Knife Point

In Blogs, The DLP Agenda by Robby

Gramps is receiving accolades for his appearance on the show, but at Joe’s expense. Rob gets praise for his week on 98 Rock and explains why he had such a good time doing the morning show. Joe travels to North Carolina and returns unscathed by the hurricane, the earthquake or his father-in-laws verbal barbs. Joe talks about Katie’s reaction to him leaving the front door open upon leaving for their trip. Rob gives the reasons why he never left any surprises in the house for them to find when they returned. Joe responds to the accusation from last week’s show that he forgot to deliver the contest winner’s prize as promised. Rob takes Joe’s advice on his PlayStation Golf game and his worst fears are realized. Joe returns to Twitter on a limited basis in anticipation of the NFL returning and his pre-game gig. Joe speculates about who was having sex on the vacation and how he would be at performing oral favors if he were gay. Michael Chamberlin returns to share his thoughts on Rob’s most recent standup comedy release and provides an update on how his life and career have changed during quarantine times.

Aired Live Monday, August 10th at 6:30PM