• 6/22/20

    R&J #487 – The Inconveniencer


    Katie’s experience at the nail salon sparks Rob to pose a hypothetical, but Joe won’t exactly cooperate. Gramps is celebrated for Father’s Day, but not without some challenges. Joe’s oldest son is getting set-up with a young lady by someone in the family. This leads Rob to suggest an idea for their first date, and make an odd claim about his own dating history. Rob has a frightening incident with an audience member at the first live stand-up show in months. Possible co-hosts are considered to replace Joe while he’s away on vacation in August, but how that person will behave in his house unattended is a major factor. Rob declares his surprising pick for “best singer alive” and recommends a documentary about him.

    Aired Live Monday June 22nd at 6:45PM

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