• 4/27/20

    R&J #478 – Righty Here Waiting


    Several fans and show personalities were in attendance for the first Rob and Joe Zoom party. Joe tells a story about the ongoing house hunt, with a disgusting twist. During the NFL draft coverage, Joe provides spot-on analysis on his social media. This leads to another rant about people entrenched in their positions about how the current world crisis will play out. Joe addresses a question from chat asking if he suffers from a certain intestinal disorder. Robby feels compelled to make a call to customer service when he finds a particular product is below the usual standard. Someone on the show is on a strict lock-down due to a colleague’s exposure to the virus. Rob and Joe review their prolific Twitter activity posting polls during quarantine. Joe is resentful now that J-L is now rubbing elbows with celebrities.

    Aired Live Monday April 27th at 6:30PM

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