• 4/13/20

    R&J #476 – Mop-Up


    Joe is responsible for delivering a t-shirt to the DLP raffle winner, but is annoyed that he has to send it in the mail. Restivo lets Rob know he’s not particularly impressed with a video he retweeted. Robby and Gramps don’t seem to revel along with the others laughing at some absurd pictures posted on Twitter. That conversation, and a financial advice spot from Chris, lead to a series of hypotheticals primarily aimed at Robby. While catching-up on what everyone has been streaming, Joe dumps on Disney+, J-L and argues with Rob about a Pixar movie. He’s also very vocal about how inconsiderate it is for neighbors to hang wind chimes without asking those who might be affected. Rob takes a trip to the emergency room.

    Aired Live Monday April 13th at 6:30PM

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