R&J #467 – Mistimed

In The DLP Agenda by Matt Bluhm

Rob feels that Presidents’ Day is perhaps the worst holiday, especially among the three-day weekends. Rob and Joe hang out at the neighborhood biker bar before the show. An understaffed comedy club had a major impact on two sold-out murder mystery shows, but among the cast the burden fell primarily on Rob. Some fun at an audience member’s expense causes real problems for one couple. Joe is indignant over some mints and people thinking dinner isn’t the best meal. Justin tries a new bit while doing stand-up that wasn’t necessarily well-received by the audience, but that will be discussed for years to come. Rob and Joe debate a hypothetical about a comedian who has just one killer joke. Joe went to a matinee of Wicked with his father-in-law and was very envious of the production values. Joe has an awkward moment in the tanning room at his gym. Rob caught-up with a certain comedienne at a gig who had some feedback on Gramps’ Facebook comments. Rob thinks J-L is sounding a bit crazy and Joe of course agrees.

Recorded Monday, February 17th  at 5:00PM