R&J #463 – Mickey Monday

In The DLP Agenda by Josh Sroka

Oki has released his first podcast all about his phone interview with everyone’s favorite phony millennial. Restivo was appreciative of Rob and Joe’s efforts to help him last week, so they follow-up with a Millstream staffer as well as Chris himself. A conversation about the quality of food at a gentlemen’s club follows. Rob and Joe ponder TMZ’s ability to always be first when it comes to celebrity tragedies. They also get into the social media reaction to the recent shocking news, the comedians who believe it’s a perfect time to make jokes and the relative magnitude of other celebrity deaths. Joe has found himself in a lot of arguments recently and he wonders if it has to do with his own temperment. A country club stand-up show featured the talents of some of the Die Laughing performers, but one comedian in particular stood out.

Aired Live Monday, January 27th  at 7:30PM