R&J #459 – The Price is Right

In The DLP Agenda by Matt Bluhm

Erik Woodworth gets recognition for something completely unrelated to comedy and podcasting. Chris Restivo on the other hand is the only one congratulating himself, and it’s for accomplishing nothing. Rob and Joe brag about the upcoming murder mystery schedule and one show in particular. Rob and Joe put Robby on the spot to make his prediction for this season of The Bachelor. Joe shares some of his thoughts after catching up on the HBO drama ‘Succession’. Following Ricky Gervais’s hosting of The Golden Globes, Rob and Joe talk about his performance and the address some of the criticism. This leads to a discussion about film; including Will Ferrell’s career and Home Alone. Joe has a new local hangout where he meets a lot of interesting people. Rob attempts to determine an action movie Mt. Rushmore with a lot of weird qualifiers. Rob and Joe eulogize a local legend.

Aired Live Monday, January 6th  at 7:30PM