R&J #448 – Salty, Wet and Hairy

In The DLP Agenda by Matt Bluhm

Joe gets caught up in some neighborhood Halloween nonsense. Rob knows exactly how he will celebrate a Nats’ World Series win. Katie wants to know what special brand of coffee they brew at the country club where DLP was performing over the weekend. Rob doesn’t want his neighbor’s as friends, but he wouldn’t mind if his friends became neighbors. Rob and Joe both enjoy their partner’s desire to keep an uncluttered house. Eric uses his own body as a pizza plate. Rob gets a backhanded compliment from a millennial who attended his stand-up show. This leads to a debate about comedy from the past; what’s remained timeless and what’s just not funny anymore. Rob, Joe and Katie get chastised by a woman on Instagram defending Marcus. Joe and Katie spend their third weekend in a row attending a wedding.

Aired Live Monday, October 21st  at 7:30PM