R&J #444 – Love Wall

In The DLP Agenda by Matt Bluhm

Marcus suffered a couple of injuries during his absence, one of them to a very sensitive part of the body. Joe accidentally picks-up when Chris Restivo calls him with an update on the shirt. He also reaches out to Rob to ask if he’s aware of all his huge show business opportunities. Rob gives Joe Blue Apron as a gift, so he decides to complete the sign-up process during the show. Katie isn’t happy when she discovers Joe did this without her. Following the petsitting story on last week’s show, Joe has a conversation with his neighbors off the air and one of them did not like the segment. Katie talks about the drama surrounding her very recent exit from Under Armour. Rob’s been offered a new potentially lucrative gig, but he can’t use practically any of his existing material.

Aired Live Monday, September 30th  at 7:30PM