R&J #437 – A Dick Thing to Do

In The DLP Agenda by Matt Bluhm

A suspicious story involving Alex Rodriguez is in the news. It seems that Joe’s not allowed to interview Ray Lewis. Rob believes that some of the Ravens must know who Joe is.  He disagrees and then comments on Antonio Brown’s helmet issue and personal safety. Rob is angry at a venue that canceled his spot for the upcoming weekend, and so is one fan/contributor who bought tickets. While performing with John Witherspoon at the DC Improv, Rob must play defense for the legend when a suspicious woman wants a formal introduction. When Joe’s Five Plated T-Shirt is finally finished, he realizes that Chris has pulled a bait and switch. The former show announcer shares celebrity gossip with Rob. The Die Laughing cast was spoiled over the weekend with a luxury Airbnb and enormous pizza pies. Joe discovers that two of the dancers in the troupe are complaining about one of their numbers.

Aired Live Monday, August 12th  at 7:45PM