Everything’s Coming Up Maher

In The DLP Agenda by Robby

Joe is back? Robby is at the Snoop Dogg concert. Let’s make more fun of that. Joe isn’t able to watch Orioles games because of his TV package so a listener gives him a streaming feed which works until the stream gets corrupted in the most hilarious way. Justin and Joe get invited to Randolph Rice’s suite at the O’s game. Rob has an awesome day in Saratoga Springs including a very successful trip to the famous Saratoga horse racing track. Joe once owned a racehorse. Did it make him any money? Justin has a new financial advisor but one particular conversation has him second guessing them. Rob meets the saddest man ever at The Office Trivia show. And Joe and Katie sat in the handicapped seats at Oppenheimer. Did a handicapped person then show up?