Urinal Mint Water

In The DLP Agenda by Josh Sroka

Joe is in Ocean City so Rob, Justin and Robby hold it down. Robby’s ex comes to Rob’s show at the Miami Improv. Rob represented Mac Bergson with his shirt game in Miami. Miss Hooters International 2022 makes an appearance at The Office Trivia show but Rob accidentally sabotages her chances of winning. The newest murder mystery at Magoobys was a home run. Joe filled in for Rob and crushed it except for one moment. Erik Woodworth had some epic crowd work at Magoobys opening for Justin. We have a 50 buck a month Patron! Robby hung out with Gramps over the 4th of July. Gramps has a new crush. Justin gets introduced to a new fad, Clowning, and is terrified. And should the patreon go to two episodes a month?