Experiencing Homelessness

In Blogs, The DLP Agenda by Josh Sroka

A brand new season of The Bachelor debuts on Monday and someone in chat asks about Robby picking the winner again. Rob writing one of Joe’s segments for the Ravens pre-game show is really working and last weekend’s collaboration was the best so far. Joe cites examples of how Gramps can never truly relax. When his father-in-law acts irresponsibly, Joe jumps at the opportunity to needle Frank about his mistake. Mac shares a story where his son was critical of something said on the show. Someone who attended the New Year’s Eve comedy show was determined to get Tawanda’s phone number. Rob “borrows” the premise of another comedian’s joke to open his set. Erik and Dr. Gil have written similarly titled songs dedicated to what’s happened this past year. Rob and Joe were both unfollowed recently on social media, each by a different person.

Aired Live Monday, January 4th at 5:30PM