All Time Low

In Blogs, The DLP Agenda by Robby

Joe recounts his many moves in the past eight years and the number of places from which the show has emanated. Gramps provides some grades and gives very high marks except to one recent guest’s appearance. Rob and Joe are full of skepticism regarding the goalie turned placekicker for Vanderbilt. Someone recognizes Joe from his voice. Thanksgiving was different this year in the Robinson house, and Joe puts his foot in his mouth later that day with Katie’s family. Rob has a backyard gig with Dr. Gil that surpassed expectations. Rob has an idea about a new Mike Chamberlin theme song, plus last week’s topic regarding songs about an animal is revisited. The ongoing discussion about the strange times some NFL games are being played leads to talk about intellectual property and unfair recording contracts.

Aired Live Monday, November 30th at 6:30PM