The Peake Boys

In The DLP Agenda by Robby

Robby is asked to be more flexible during Rob and Joe’s involvement with the unprecedented NFL season and its ever-changing schedule. “Landlord” Dave invites Joe to meet a fan who also happens to be an old high school classmate and Rob joins them. When Joe dines with Gramps at his favorite restaurant, he discovers something he never fully realized about his father. The Jenkins knew the identity of the young punks in their neighborhood based on Joe’s description last week. Joe is desperately trying to re-home Aunt Mom’s cat, but Gramps keeps sabotaging his efforts. Katie and Joe offered to help some friends who own a venue do a comedy show, but instead these people bypassed the Robinson’s. Joe inserts his foot in his mouth again after mishearing a word over the phone while discussing business. Joe does not like to be told a lie, so you’d better not let him catch you in one. While visiting West Virginia, Joe learns of both a salad and a dog breed he’d never heard of. Robby’s on another mission targeting a company, and of course there is a long email sent to bolster his cause.

Aired Live Tuesday, October 20th at 6:00PM