R&J #500 – Through the Years

In Blogs, The DLP Agenda by Robby

P1 Mac Bergson joins Rob and Joe to renew his power rankings live on the show. While the top spot is as expected, there are plenty of surprises. Following their first Purple Power Hour on 98 Rock, Rob and Joe evaluate the inaugural effort. Rob joins Mickey Cucchiella for a comedy show on September 11th and grudgingly gets roped in to doing extra time for basically no one. Joe offers advice for comedians who want to join the DLP players. Marcus asks Rob to participate in a bit on his WVMT morning show, and Joe worries about the legalities. Joe details the stress of prepping for the pre-game show, and how one listener was making trouble for him. Joe’s friend and former landlord is offering a baffling item for sale online. Gramps lost the sponsor for his story segments, and Rob and Joe must speculate about the reason. Rob, Joe and Robby reminisce about the old Baltimore Comedy Factory at Light Street and Lombard and doing shows there with Mickey.

Aired Live Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30PM