R&J #483 – Bedtime Story

In The DLP Agenda by Matt Bluhm

The show just completed its second ‘all-star’ Zoom call for Patreon subscribers. Robby’s new neighbors are being very loud right outside of his studio during the show. Joe was socializing with friends all Memorial Day weekend, and Rob wonders why he wasn’t invited to one party in particular. Die Laughing Productions has shows scheduled in June, so Rob and Joe discuss if and how those might take place. Rob and Joe are surprised by both the popularity and the interesting dynamic of the charity celebrity golf match played over the weekend. The quarantine might have a silver lining for Joe personally during the upcoming NFL season. With the sudden rise of the virtual comedy show, Rob and Joe have ideas about what works, what doesn’t and how they might be improved. And because of these shows, a new murder mystery idea has been floated. Joe has a few new “lists of fours” to ponder from his posts on Twitter this week.

Aired Live Monday May 25th at 7:00PM