R&J #471 – Kicks for Kancer

In The DLP Agenda by Josh Sroka

Rob, Joe and Robby compare notes on how they are dealing with work and personal contact with others. When Joe puts his foot in his mouth again, as he is known to do often, Katie coins a new term for this habit of his. Rob and Joe talk about the results of the Quiplash tournament. Rob is looking for a way to capitalize on people staying indoors with nothing to do. Jeremy Woodworth encounters a fan while looking for a bargain. Rob and Joe are concerned about how Michael Chamberlin is faring as an entertaining under the current climate. Rob asks for recommendations of shows people would enjoy binging while they’re stuck in the house. Joe defends the HBO documentary series McMillion$, but mainly criticizes J-L Cauvin for not liking it. Robby is finally vindicated when he proves his ability to pick The Bachelor finalists. Joe’s hopes to become friends with a particular NFL player are dashed. It seems that Joe doesn’t really know how to download music.