R&J #462 – Five and Below

In The DLP Agenda by Josh Sroka

The Patreon premium show has a brand new subscriber whose patronage is puzzling. Joe’s dog is on a diet. Rob is aggravated by an audience member at the DC Improv who is offended at one of his joke, but on someone else’s behalf. Everyone who intended, or was involved in, the first Polar Bear Plunge Murder Mystery show walked away feeling like it was a huge success. A conversation about jumping to conclusions and making accusations follows. Rob recaps what’s happened so far with everyone’s Bachelor picks. A trick backfires on Rob when he tries to confuse Tawanda while two colleges with identical mascots compete. Joe may have given up on Instagram. Not knowing that Chris Restivo wanted the information kept private, Rob discusses something he heard from Erik Woodworth on the air. Rob and Joe call Erik to shed light on the gossip, and then make an additional call to see if they can help with the situation.