R&J #354 – Two Thumbs

In The DLP Agenda by Josh Sroka

Rob is scheduled to do comedy in Florida again, and he seems confident that the gig won’t get canceled this time. Joe is annoyed at the lack of love his Twitter account is getting from the show’s account. Robby gets hammered for what he disclosed at the family’s Easter get-together. Someone close to Joe and Robby has a knack for exacerbating their already stressful situations. A new promo for TMOS gets sidelined, but it obviously isn’t Rob or Joe’s fault. His girlfriend would like to attend the JSS Morning Show Adult Prom, but Rob has a conflict that night so she needs a date. There is an update regarding the nascent Missed Connections podcast. Joe doubles-down on his opinion of Irish music after hearing what is touted as best the genre has to offer. Good friend Rory Scovel was in town doing standup and his career is apparently about to catch fire. Rob is strategizing for his new head shot photo shoot. Scott Apple might be a guest on another podcast and everyone puts their heads together to try and prevent a potential trainwreck.

Aired Live Monday, April 2nd at 7:30PM