R&J #268 – Double Down

In Rob and Joe by Matt Bluhm

Erik Woodworth joins the show while Joe is in the middle of the ocean. In his absence, there is a lot of speculation about Joe’s behavior on the boat with Katie. Part of Erik’s anatomy has a good side, and it’s appeared in countess photos. It’s Halloween night and Erik’s kids are anxious for daddy to be done recording a podcast. Not surprisingly, Rob and Erik’s costumes share the same origin. Erik talks about his brother, who is an interesting character to say the least. Rob’s debut on Comedy Central is just days away and he’s having nightmares about it. Redskins fans are torturing themselves each week watching their team play, and Rob’s great tweet about the tie game gets no love. Erik loves all things Walking Dead and defends the show. Bill Murray receiving the Mark Twain prize this week leads to several ideas for more remakes with the cast of the new Ghostbusters.

Aired Live Monday October 31st at 7:30PM