The Best of Year Two Special

In The DLP Agenda by Josh Sroka

The topics and clips revisited include the following.

Robby insists that Joe’s favorite actor couldn’t do a better job playing Seinfeld than the man himself (from episode 72). Rob speculates about his girlfriend’s former lovers and wonders if anyone actually fantasizes about their own current lover (from episode 88). Rob has an encounter with a blind fan and his hot girlfriend (from episode 66). Antoine Dodson returns for his second, and probably final, appearance (from episode 64). Michael Chamberlin is very forthcoming about his peculiar hygiene habits (from episode 55). Rob picks at old wounds with comedian Nick Mullen (from episode 83). A discussion of the upcoming Drafts & Laughs event leads to talk about Robby’s nitpicking, the chat room, and how Joe’s son is somehow familiar with a certain male porn star (from episode 90).

Aired Monday, February 24th at 7:30PM