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    R&J #232 – Baby Metal!

    February 23, 2016

    This show rocks! Robby isn’t here which as always brings some anxiety. Scott Apple names some of the most famous black musical artists like Barry Manilow. The Newlydead Game was a big success, but Rob didn’t introduce his dad to Joe. What’s up with that? A participant in the...

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    R&J #224 – Tanning Your Junk

    December 23, 2015

    The best way to start your holidays is listening to the Rob and Joe Show while driving past all the Christmas lights. Joe’s rant is acted out by Chris Restivo. Does it earn an Oscar? Tommy Sinbazo gives us his feeling on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (no spoilers)....

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    R&J #221 – Foot Cramp

    December 2, 2015

    Rob and Joe without Robby and chat, but talk about both. Why is Robby so mad? Joe will even share a childhood story of Robby and what happens when he gets mad. Mystery Science Theater has come up again with direct ties to Rob and Joe. Find out how...

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    R&J #219 – Made in Taiwan

    November 16, 2015

    Robby is back and so we get a rundown of his trip to Taiwan. Rob and Joe admit they are afraid of Robby. But, why? Rob and Joe have breaking news on Charlie Sheen. Rousey goes down, and Rob and Joe give you their take. And, what about those...

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    R&J #218 – Robby is the Key!

    November 10, 2015

    Rob and Joe soldier on with Robby still in a far away land sharing observations on prostitutes and Quentin Tarantino films. Robby left a cryptic message on Facebook which Rob and Joe try to figure out, but they get a surprise call during the show… Robby reveals all. Is Robby’s appearance...

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    R&J #213 – TGI Fingered

    September 30, 2015

    Rob and Joe at it again with more crazy stories from the comedy scene. Hear about the man on wheels whose comedy is his handicap. Rob runs through hypothetical situations with tattoos and more. What does Punta Cana mean? Joe likes drinks with umbrellas and in pineapples. What does...

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    R&J #211 – Tastes Like Skittles

    September 14, 2015

    Hear the post-game performance of Rob and Joe on 98 Rock’s Baltimore Ravens’ post game show. Catch the aftermath of last week’s show and a friendship on the rocks. What does your “significant other” taste like? Rob has some observations about fat people and shopping carts. Marcus shares a...

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