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R&J #459 – The Price is Right

January 6, 2020

Erik Woodworth gets recognition for something completely unrelated to comedy and podcasting. Chris Restivo on the other hand is the only one congratulating himself, and it’s for accomplishing nothing. Rob and Joe brag about the upcoming murder mystery schedule and one show in particular. Rob and Joe put Robby...

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R&J #458 – Two Turds

December 30, 2019

Joe bemoans his day job and turning 50 this decade. Rob and Joe have a disagreement about the frequency of mothers murdering their kids. This leads to a debate about the percentage of people who believe in some popular conspiracies. Discussing major personal life events of the decade, Joe...

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R&J #457 – The Sound of Robinsons

December 16, 2019

After seeing Knives Out, Joe compares the movie to Die Laughing Productions’ product. Robby is very passionate about his position that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. He’s also very disappointed with Disney+. Rob and Joe talk about a couple of shows they can’t seem to stop watching. Katie...

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R&J #454 – Equal Spray

December 2, 2019

Gramps loves his social media platforms, but he sends out a birthday greeting which Joe only receives by chance. Fans on Facebook weigh-in on good birthday gift ideas for Joe. Katie apparently has certain restrictions about what Joe can wear. Chris Restivo put together a star-studded birthday party for...

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R&J #453 – Ride or Die

November 18, 2019

Robby announces some sad news. Rob and Joe had an argument just before the start of the show. Rob posts a poll on social media asking fans to decide who Joe loves the most. Katie makes a New Year’s resolution that could be potentially detrimental to the show content....

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R&J #447 – Dust to Dust

October 14, 2019

Joe has an update on Chris Restivo’s alleged audition. Rob and Joe take questions from the chat revisiting many topics from past shows including; station politics at 98 Rock, real estate, family, marriage, sex and a lot of discussion about death. Joe closes the show by complaining (and demonstrating)...

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R&J #444 – Love Wall

September 30, 2019

Marcus suffered a couple of injuries during his absence, one of them to a very sensitive part of the body. Joe accidentally picks-up when Chris Restivo calls him with an update on the shirt. He also reaches out to Rob to ask if he’s aware of all his huge...

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R&J #442 – Straw That Broke the Camels Back

September 16, 2019

Rob receives another unsolicited email from someone who wants to be part of DLP. Joe is going to get his Five Plated sign back from Winchester in a few weeks, but Katie may not allow it to be displayed in the house. Joe reveals whether or not the 98...

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