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    #2161: Santana Moss

    January 31, 2019

    Today, we are joined in studio by the great #89: Santana Moss. We talk about his career, Redskins past and present, his TV provider… and NFL officiating. Plus, Mike blows it.

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    #2160: Melon Collie

    January 30, 2019

    Touch screen? Boo! Plus: Carla has a new project, bitter cold, a trip to the Keys… and bad good people.

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    #2159: I Control This World

    January 29, 2019

    Deejay talkups! FaceTime hackery! A secret project! Your letters! Dogs know… and a documentary that will blow your mind.

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    R&J #404 – Woman on Fyre

    January 28, 2019

    Joe admits to not being fully on top of show-prep with Rob is in Chicago and unable to record this week.  Katie swallows something that is intended for another part of the body. Joe plans to enter his dog into the same show where Robby’s dog was robbed of...

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    #2158: Flipper & The Cleat

    January 28, 2019

    Dog talk with Santos! Plus, some behind the scenes chat, lottery fun, and it’s Movie Monday!

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    Bonus Show #400: January 25, 2019

    January 25, 2019

    Today, Robb reveals the ultimate secrets of Costco! Plus… stain tips… a roofing update, and where is Adrian?

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    #2157: Over The Rainbow

    January 25, 2019

    Today, a recommendation from Mike… and the trouble with old people. A sad goodbye… a sad goodbye… and a call to Iowa. Plus, Robb’s World and Oscar’s Take!

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    #2156: Unrivaled

    January 24, 2019

    Mr. Jimmy Cirrito joins us today to discuss his new drive through. Plus, Oscar’s rook.. Pine VS. Krasinski… Mac the announcer, and bacon

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