R&J #370 – Reggie

In The DLP Agenda by Matt Bluhm

Rob has an eventful trip to Syracuse doing the murder mystery and stand-up, but his navigation app takes him on a treacherous route during the return trip. The personnel at 98 Rock learn about changes happening at the station from Rob. Over the 4th of July vacation, Joe gets ejected from the Holiday Inn guest pool area. Joe loves his coffee, but his number of cups per day is nothing compared to Gramps. Katie and Joe are getting serious about losing weight before the wedding. The awkwardness of being around the ex-in-laws and former wife’s new boyfriend is handled expertly by Joe when he attends his son’s graduation party. Robby’s girlfriend suffered from severe jet lag while at the beach, and Rob and Joe are concerned that this affected his sex life. Joe decides to call Katie to the mic to discuss how they initiate their own encounters.

Aired Live Monday, July 9th at 7:30PM