R&J #372 – Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

In Rob and Joe by Matt Bluhm

The show celebrates another anniversary and Rob wonders if its improved since episode one. The murder mystery gets off to a rough start in Vienna, and Rob and Joe talk to the man responsible. Joe electrocutes himself and seems to want to blame Robby. When Rob praises one of his Tweets, Joe doesn’t like the tone of the comment. While …


OMC #230 – Bald Eagle

In The Mike O'Meara Show by Matt Bluhm

This week, with clips from The Mike O’Meara Show, Rob and Joe Show, and Cake & Cookies, we talk about paying off a bet, conjuring, and more insight in Maine. Also, hear Robb discuss so many things, know so many odd facts, and yet… we may have the key to unlock why he is the way he is. A great …