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    #1876: Wedgie Checks

    October 25, 2017

    Today, your calls (weddings & wedgies)! Plus: Santas, Trunk or Treat, T-shirts… and GHWB!

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    #1875: Captain Chaos

    October 24, 2017

    Who is Deep Throat? Plus… the mailbag, Mike is using the show as therapy, Curb analysis, and Robb’s hasty exit.

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    R&J #327 – Rob’s Bad Move

    October 23, 2017

    The upcoming New Orleans trip has Rob rather confused regarding Joe’s lack of involvement and the concept of the “meet and greet”. Joe mistakenly thinks that Robby is actually being flexible for a change. The Daily Beast does a new piece about their favorite fake millennial punching-bag. A comedy...

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    #1874: Van Jones

    October 23, 2017

    Today, Van Jones from CNN! Also, we are slaves to Apple, radio silence, T-ball, football… and New Orleans.

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    OMC #200 – MOM and TP

    October 22, 2017

    Mike O’Meara sits down with Marcus to discuss The Mike O’Meara Show. What is the new Oscar like? Any plans for TMOS in NOLA? Would he go back to radio? Tony Perkins also joins the show this week. Tony shares his thoughts on news, RoFo, Gary, and The Tony...

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    Bonus Show #341: October 20, 2017

    October 20, 2017

    Larry King congratulates the Santanas! Plus Robb’s dark topics have us a little worried.

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    #1873: Fake Moustache

    October 20, 2017

    Friday fun with Nicky D! Plus, T-ball,live drafts, sacred ground, box stores, and TV.

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    #1872: Lake Inferior

    October 19, 2017

    We begin with a lovely gift! Dominique Foxworth stops by… amazing sleuthing… Mike’s gripes… a fridge update and the Super Antenna.

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