• 9/5/16

    R&J #260 – I’m The Weak


    Rob is withholding gifts from his girlfriend to avoid eating outdoors. Regular season football is looming and that means the annual fantasy draft/poker night recap and Super Bowl predictions. Plus Joe is planning his 98 Rock post-game show without Rob’s input. Now that people have had a chance to hear Joe’s appearance on the Laughfinder podcast, he shares his thoughts on the final product. Rob sabotages Joe’s portion of the Ellicott City benefit show. The brother of a show P1 seems to be lobbying to override his sibling’s elite status. Things get awkward when Joe’s unintentionally tear-jerking inquiry of a friend is discussed and Rob misunderstands what is okay to reveal on the air. This leads to some unpleasant revelations. Rob is against Joe throwing a viewing party for his big upcoming TV debut.

    Aired Live Monday September 5th at 7:30PM

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