• 8/29/16

    R&J #259 – Head to Back


    A bad experience in a parking lot leads to a comparison of grocery stores. Its clear that one local venue known for live music is ill-prepared to host stand-up comedy, and an all-white politically correct crowd doesn’t help matters. In an attempt to spare the feelings of someone personally close to him, Joe conceals his contempt for a TV show. Fans of Rob and Joe in far away Philadelphia come to see the murder mystery. Joe goes to Ellicott City to shoot a special video for the upcoming benefit show, but discovers that this is no easy task in a disaster area. Rob reads an email blast asking for a comic to perform at a private function, and the gig seems to fit a certain familiar someone. Joe gets backlash for his views expressed on The C4 show. Rob is on the defensive again for disregarding Joe on local television. A discussion about the late Gene Wilder turns into another barrage of crazy hypotheticals for Robby. Joe is recruited to help re-roof a house and again cannot be truthful about the predicament in which he finds himself.

    Aired Live Monday August 29th at 7:30PM

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