• 8/15/16

    R&J #257 – Whine Party


    Robby loses his Chick-fil-A virginity and shares his thoughts. Someone claiming to be a ”real comedian” leaves a personal attack in the review section of J-L’s new comedy album. Rob’s persistent dreams involving the murder mysteries seem to indicate that he has some doubts about Joe. With the Summer Olympics in full swing, Rob is fascinated by one athlete in particular and the fact that Robby has never watched an event in his life. A comprehensive review of the previous week’s closing song is posted on social media, and Rob poses a hypothetical question with respect to Robby’s interpretation. Joe accepts an invitation, but the true nature of the party is omitted. Gramps is now submitting material for the show. Rob revisits one of Robby’s peculiarities, discussed on the show a year ago, to get an update.

    Aired Live Monday August 15th at 7:30PM

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