• 5/30/16

    R&J #246 – Welcome to the Brown Parade


    His son just graduated high school, but Joe doesn’t think congratulations are really in order for this level of accomplishment. Robby and his girlfriend were under scrutiny by everyone attending the Hall and Oates show. Rob is blindsided by yet another shocking revelation about one of his girlfriend’s former lovers. Robby and Joe test Rob’s Disney movie knowledge when its revealed that he is woefully ignorant about a commonly-known character. Gramps has been up to his old tricks and everyone is brimming with tales of his antics from the week past. Rob, Joe and others will be spending some close personal time together in tight quarters while in Ocean City for a 98 Rock remote. Joe recalls a childhood memory from the beach that leads to a simultaneously revolting and hilarious discussion.

    Aired Live Monday May 30th at 7:30PM

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