• 3/28/16

    R&J #237 – Follically Challenged


    Even without actually participating in the show, Robby’s pessimistic attitude can have an effect. Donations are pouring into the show, and the listeners have spoken with regard to how the money should be spent. The Listener of the Year also submitted another homemade network promo that is unflattering to Joe. The critics and the public seem to be split on Superman v Batman. Rob and Joe haven’t seen the movie, but that doesn’t stop them from having an opinion as well. Rob heard a rumor about Joe and so he confronts him with the information on the show. Joe is learning the hard way the old show biz saying about not working with kids and animals. Joe is happy about taking his son to see The Who, even though their age is really starting to be a detriment.

    Recorded Monday March 28th at 7:30PM

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