• 3/7/16

    R&J #234 – No One Likes Parades


    It’s National Cereal Day and Rob and Joe both lament being denied the sugary options as kids. Joe misses chastising the Comedy Factory stand-up competition entrants this year after relinquishing the administrative duties to a colleague. Joe is still talking about Rob’s weird behavior in Winchester and the results of the poll are revealed. Rob and Joe think a well-known comedian’s comments on Donald Trump (and extreme labels in general) are counterproductive and possibly dangerous. When Joe goes to see a parade he remembers how much he dislikes them. Joe is excited about some upcoming concert plans. Joe is asked to participate in a political talk show again even though he is under-informed and refuses to read any prep. Rob is having anxiety about the Virginia Beach murder mystery show and another event that is possibly being promoted the wrong way. Joe shares his thoughts on Fuller House.

    Aired Live Monday March 7th at 7:30PM

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