• 2/29/16

    R&J #233 – No Means No


    An engagement announcement on TMOS eclipses any discussion of the successful murder mystery in Leesburg. Rob once again sniffing-out controversies in the comedy community on Facebook gets un-friended and blocked in two separate confrontations. When Joe buys ballet tickets for his girlfriend’s birthday, he doesn’t get quite what he bargained for. Joe discovers that commercial breaks on BET are excessive. Joe reviews Chris Rock’s hosting effort, the winners and the losers at the 88th Annual Academy Awards. The energy at Friday’s murder mystery in Leesburg was so electric that some of the cast got a little carried away. After the show, one of the performers shared stories of his many fights as a youth, but Rob and Joe can’t really relate. Rob revisits the topic of not introducing his father to Joe after being criticized on O’MearaCast.

    Aired Live Monday, February 29th at 7:30PM

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