• 2/15/16

    R&J #231 – Who’s got 50k?


    The jury has reached its verdict in Robby’s Bachelor fantasy league cheating trial. The validity of Joe’s “curse” is once again reinforced by the most recent celebrity death. Joe defends the age-gap between himself and his girlfriend. Following their most recent TMOS appearance, Rob and Joe examine the possibility that Mike O’Meara may not like one on them. Many stories emerge from the two murder mystery shows over the Valentine’s Day weekend, including one about Joe yelling at some attendees afterward and another about an apparent proposition. This leads to an impromptu inquisition of Joe’s girlfriend. Rob and Joe also announce the name of their next script, which they may have made overly complicated. When Joe announce that he is going to see Carrie Underwood in concert, he is stunned to discover that Scott Apple doesn’t know who that is.

    Aired Live Monday, February 15th at 7:45PM

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