• 11/23/15

    R&J #220 – Would You Heckle a Hologram?


    The show proceeds without Marcus’s oversight and Joe’s microphone is suddenly malfunctioning. Joe is competing for ‘likes’ with his wolf fleece Facebook post. Rob encounters a new performer who wears a t-shirt and shorts on stage and throws-up before each show. Rob expresses his frustration with the amount of music during their post-game show. Marcus told Rob that he would attend his casino show in Connecticut, but no one else seems eager to make that trip. Rob and his girlfriend are once again declining to attend the Robinson Thanksgiving gathering even though it is superior to almost any other plans they could possibly have. Rob announces that his girlfriend is purchasing house in her name only. An announcement about two dead comedians performing as holograms lead Rob and Joe to question who would actually want this. On the heals of more Scott Apple adventures, Rob and Joe wonder if horse riding pants are unisex, and reveal how much drinking causes him to be an hour late for work. Rob believes that there is a comedy devolution happening after watching a classic video on Youtube. Joe wonders if a project that relies on crowd-funding is a legitimate career opportunity.

    Aired Live Monday, November 23rd at 7:30PM

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