• 9/7/15

    R&J #210 – How to Pick-up Chicks


    Rob admits to having a short fuse and then gives and example with an anecdote from the weekend. Joe talks about how stressed he was during the most recent performance of their murder mystery. Rob wonders if a comic’s height affects how the audience receives his jokes. Joe doesn’t feel that Rob should have expected advance notice of the bombshell regarding an acquaintances’ sexual orientation. Joe gets frustrated with Gramps. Joe wants his protégé to see just one of his many schemes to fruition, even though he knows that the end-product will be crap. Joe gets out of going to a wedding, but is not quite sure if it’s a good thing. Almost immediately after Rob and Joe recruit someone close to the show to help with a project, they realize it was a big mistake.

    Aired Live Monday, September 7th at 7:00PM

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