• 8/30/15

    OMC #127 – Merle Rogers


    This week’s special guest is MORE Broadcasting P1 – Merle Rogers. Merle goes above and beyond with investigative reporting and questions from other listeners. We are front loaded with lots of Cake & Cookies clips including Katie with a very descriptive telling of her apparel during a blackout. Katie gets some “gold plated” chicken, and Robb insists that Jabril is embarrassed for his birthday. What a gift! Lauragate is discussed, but weirder things are afoot with Joe thoughts on cuddling men, and Robby believing that the Chinese will beat use because they know martial arts. George Wallace, the best 10 o’clock show on the strip, is a guest on this week’s The Tony Perkins Show. It may have been suggested that Gary Stein is not an American for his hate of chicken wings. Merle and Marcus discuss the dynamic of The Mike O’Meara Show when they talk about the heavy topics of the day. Please download the latest game from TMSoft – Spillzone. Merle and Marcus agree it is compulsive. Like the show on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Please leave a rating and review for this show and all the shows of MORE Broadcasting. Thanks for your support!10258954_10203209306606233_669349842499890081_o

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