• 3/30/15

    The Lost Episode


    The companion episode of Its Mickey from the live Prime event is still unavailable. Chris Restivo’s life continues to fascinate. Rob gets recognized twice while out with his girlfriend. Joe compliments Rob on a very specific comedic skill that he possesses. Joe is both impressed and perplexed after spending significant time with a well-known comedian. Rob reads some rather negative review of the show. Rob updates a story discussed at length on episode 182. Joe’s girlfriend has a unique business idea, but Rob sees several problems with it. Joe has another story about his endlessly-entertaining coworker. Rob interacts with an audience member who may or may not have a peculiar fetish. Rob buys tickets for perhaps the least masculine choice among musical theater performances. Once again Rob has to defend himself for a seemingly harmless comment on social media. Rob and Joe have issues with the Justin Bieber roast.

    Aired Live Monday, March 30th at 7:30PM

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