OMC #117 – MORE Guacamole

In The Mike O'Meara Show by Josh Sroka

Marcus is back with Steve catching up on the last week of MORE Broadcasting. Lots of guest discussion starting with Bill O’Reilly and his “no content commentary” about TMOS guest Chuck Todd. The Mike O’Meara Show gets all the O’Mearas together with golfer Mark O’Meara which spurs some comments from fans. Kevin McCarthy, former WJFK intern turned Movie reviewer turned celeb interviewer, talks on The Tony Perkins show and the question of guilty pleasures comes up. Need a celebrity guest at your school? How about Robb Spewak. Hear a clip from Cake & Cookies that will make you laugh. Joe Robinson makes a great point about the best place you would want if anything you ordered was healthy, but then he follows it with a bad decision. He drinks from a woman’s shoe where he gets more than beer in his mouth.