• 2/16/15

    The Best of Year Three Special


    The topics and clips revisited include the following:

    Joe’s quirky coworker joins the show to display his stunning lack of music knowledge in game show format (from episode 135). During another show appearance dealing with his online dating profile, Joe discusses one of Scott Apple’s imaginative ideas (from episode 109). Joe tells the story of his chance encounter and subsequent mishap with a male enhancement drug (from episode 124). Robby deviously engineers awkward moments with both Rob and Joe (from episode 111). ‘Romeo Rose’, whose looking-for-love website and inflammatory statements have gained him national attention, talks to Rob and Joe and is even more outrageous than expected (from episode 115). Rob introduces a fun and hilarious new game (from episode 134). J-L Cauvin joins the show and plays a game involving everyone’s favorite comedy club slugger/impressionist (from episode 120). A live interview is conducted with the show’s first-ever, and probably only, intern candidate (from episode 107).

     Aired Monday, February 16th at 7:30PM

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