• 2/2/15

    Happy Ending?


    Rob is pleased with the assortment of gifts he’s given his girlfriend for her birthday, but wonders how things might have gone if he went in a different direction. He also took her out to dinner for the occasion, but is troubled when the whole evening seems a little too special. Rob is determined to attend Scott Apple’s wedding in spite of the insult of receiving no actual invitation. Joe stays at his former home while the ex is away on a trip. Rob and Joe disagree about the level of Katie Perry’s hotness. Joe observes a racial stereotype and worries that his enjoyment of the behavior (and Robby’s audio drops) might be perceived the wrong way. Rob is stunned by the misguided way a comedy club owner attempts to defend the honor of his bartender. Joe’s just started a new diet and is already struggling with its limitations. There’s more discussion about the girlfriends’ spinoff show as well as a growing demand.

     Aired Live Monday, February 2 at 7:30PM

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