Episode #31 – Rob’s Big Date and CNN’s Bill Weir!

In The Mike O'Meara Show by Josh Sroka

Please don’t misread that title. Rob Ford’s Washington Post “Date Lab” date was NOT with CNN’s Bill Weir! However, this episode features BOTH! First: Rob fills us in on his big “Date Lab” night out with the lovely “Megan”. Then, Gary and Tony talk to their friend, journalist Bill Weir, about his new CNN series “The Wonder List”. Also, Tony tries to stump Gary with a game of Movie Trivia, AND Tony announces his decision about his cell phone situation. Stop the presses!

(WATCH Rob and Megan talk about their date at http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/foxs-tony-perkins-fretted-about-date-lab-dead-ends-so-we-matched-his-producer/2015/02/05/c8307afc-a7e3-11e4-a2b2-776095f393b2_story.html READ about the date in the Feb. 22, 2015 edition of “The Washington Post Magazine”)